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Friday, June 18, 2004

The boy - caution: Rant ahead.

Remember the boy? Well, he's been over to visit again and we've been gifted... AGAIN. I am really quite tired of this, I explained to him that "I need to make a rule and I don't want to hurt your feelings, and someday maybe I won't need the rule anymore, but right now, if you want to play over here, you have to play outside. If I am here to check your head, and you pass inspection, then you *might* be able to play inside, but you have to pass inspection for two weeks before I can let you do that. You are a good kid and I like you, but I don't like the bugs so I need to make sure they are gone first"

I'm also not very pleased with myself today. Here's what happened: The boy's mother dropped him over at our house today - she was on her way to the beach. I thought nothing of it until the boy wanted to come inside. Well, DH had been checking his head the past few days and saw nothing but he wanted me to check it to be sure. So I checked it and found the critters. Big ones too. Poor kid. I made him call his mom and ask her to come back. He had to leave a message on her cell phone.

No big deal, I waited an hour and got impatient and called the cell phone myself. "um, hi, this is <_____>'s Mom. You dropped _____ over at my house a little while ago and he's got head lice again. I would really appreciate it if you would come pick him up for me becasue I do not want my children to get infested again. Thanks! you can reach me at ###-####." I also left a similar message at the home phone number.

Another hour passes, no call, nothing. I call again. "Hi there, this is <_____>'s mom again, your son _____ is still over here and he does have head lice, I really need to have you come pick him up and get his hair treated. I'm in the middle of re-treating my own kids and re-shampooing the carpet, I can't really have him inside the house. He's playing out front right now with my son, can you come over SOON? thank you!" I left a similar message on the home answering machine.

Yet another hour passes and there is still no phone call. I'm REAL annoyed by now, I mean, who has a cell phone, leaves the number in case of an emergency, and doesn't check it for messages while their kid is being watched by someone else???? I check mine all the time if I know that someone else is watching the kids. I know I would have checked it at least once, if not SEVERAL times in 4 hours!

I now have to leave for work and there will be NO time for me to treat my son's hair before leaving which means he will have to be treated later after the boy leaves (It would be rude and not to mention MEAN to leave the boy with noone to play with) so I call ehr cell phone again "Hi there! Me again, I STILL have your son over here and he's got head lice again. You need to come get him. I'm leaving for work now but my husband will be home. I really don't have time for dealing with this again, please come get him, like NOW. Thank you"

With that message left on her cell phone, I left for work. DH e-mailed me at work and told me that the boy's mom came about an hour and a half after I left. He said she was crying and all upset. Well that just made me feel like a heel. I didn't want her to be crying, I only wanted to express to her that because she cannot get rid of the infestation in her family, it is affecting mine and it's NOT in a good way.

DH suggested I call ehr again to see if she wanted help clearing up the infestation. Well I felt terrible about it so I did as he asked and apologized to her answering machine and offered to help her with getting rid of the problem. I told her answering machien that I intended to contact her in the AM because unfortunately I was working the midnight shift today and would not be around in the evening.

Tomorrow I will be going over there to see what I can do. Maybe she really does not have the slightest idea how to treat for these? I sincerely hope that's the truth because the alternative is just so much sadder....


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