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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

not much going on

Not much going on here lately. Got some news from up north and not all of it was good. Keep the Michiganders in your prayers, lots of things happening to them, but not the least of which is a recent mud-flood in my Mother-in-law's basement. It's a mess and money is tight which doesn't make the matter any easier to deal with.

I'm still working with Zazzle and adding products as I find some free time. Nothing has sold yet but that doesn't surprise me. There's tons of stuff at the site.

The offspring have been begging so much to spend the night at other people's houses or have their friends over that I have had to institute another rule for them. No more than 2 sleep-overs per kid per month. It counts if they have someone over and it counts if they go somewhere. If the nagging doesn't ease up, then I will have to revise the rule. (You guys hear that? I have witnesses on the internet now!)

The kids and I are going to be making a movie this weekend. I've borrowed a tripod for the video camera and we already wrote the script. It's going to be cute. I'm also going to try to take some night photos with my digital camera while I have the tripod. So far, each time I do that, the photos are blurry cause it needs a longer exposure time and my hands move.... I will see how that works and if it does I will post a few of them here.


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