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Sunday, June 27, 2004


Um, Yeah. Lots of pictures. Sorry for the long download today - I just had so many good ones from this weekend. And besides, I ahven't posted a whole slew of photos in just about forever. Yesterday we went to a friends farm and helped groom and bathe the horses. The kids had a blast. Middle child has stopped asking when we can get one. (her comment that day was "Wow this sure is a lot of work!" Eldest child is insisting that my friend has gained a new worker at the farm. He loved it.

Last night we got home from the farm to discover the power was out. It stayed out for a good 6 hours, possibly longer, I was asleep by the time it came back on. We had all the lamps burning and tons of candles, so the house started to warm up. We opened windows and the slider which helped (but HUMID). Today we are paying the price for our search of cool air. We have had WINGED palmetto bug-like critters on the ceiling. I forgot about the palmettos. YUCK

Today we packed a picnic and went in search of some sun. My new favorite beach was too crowded so we went to a state park that had a botanical garden. We ate there and had fun looking at all the weird plants. I am totally impresed with the staghorn fern. They will grow up here but you have to take them inside over the winter. they get just plain MASSIVE. The photo you see below was the smaller of the two that we found inthe park, but it was the best shot. It has to be at least 4 feet in diameter. HUGE! and it's so pretty... I wish I had the courage to try growing one. After touring the garden, we went to the part of the park that had a beach and swam a bit. There were some really neat rock formations - DH had the idea of taking a photo from the crab's persoective - it came out neat. His words were "all you need to do is put a little land speeder in there" Typical DH - LOL.

Enjoy the pics. All is well here in Florida, everyone is happy and healthy.

PS!!!!! I have heard a more concrete rumor about work that involves me. I'm getting antsy! Hopefully it all comes to pass.


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