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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Update on the Boy

well I called his mom, and she indicated to me that she wouldshave everyone bald and that ought to do it this time. I don't think she intended to do it to herself but who knows? I told her I would be happy to ocme over and help her cause I understand how hard it is to get the bugs out. Well, she said that it would be wonderful to have someone to help her but she was on her way to work but would call me when she got home. I cancelled my plans for this evening and am sitting home, waiting for her phone call....

Update on the movie I was to make with the kids - we have no blank videotape. And it really poured today. So that plan flopped also.

On the brighter side, I now have a legal copy of Paint Shop Pro that I plan on fooling with tonight so maybe I can get a snazzier logo for the site. (Thank you local mom's club)

I'll post later tonight with word on whether or not she ever calls me to let me know she's home.


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