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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Why is it...

That noone knows what the word gruntled means? We have DIS-gruntled... If you lop off the prefex DIS which means against/not that just leaves gruntled. Seems to me that if you are disgruntled, you are not happy. Take away the not, and logic says that to be gruntled means to be happy. Or would that be Pro-gruntled? Then you could also say that to be unprogruntled is the same as disgruntled. As in:

"When I discovered the car salesman had cheated me, I was very unprogruntled."

Which leads to a whole other usage; misgruntled. You ought to be able to guess what that is - it's the act of wrong unprogruntlement. As in:

"The mechanic assured me that I was misgruntled, there was no water in the gas tank"

Which leaves us with the following: de-gruntled. As in:

"Learning that my unprogruntledness was really misgruntled, I felt immediately degruntled"

With all these obvious uses for the word gruntled, why does noone know what it means? You, my friend, are one of the few who have been educated about this useful word. So let's all eat, drink, and progruntle!


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