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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

work work work

That's about it during the week - you will find that my posts are much more interesting on the weekend. :)

It's a 4 day weekend coming up for me - was going to go camping - but it's REAL H-O-T around here and I don't feel like sweating all weekend. I picked up my cat last night and BOY is he fat. I'm going to have to put him on a diet. he's got the good life, I'm tellin ya. He's neutered, but he's got a harem of two girls, all the food he wants, toys to play with and lots of sunny windowsills. It's a kitty heaven. Middle child is working on handstands lately - she's getting pretty good. Her goal is to eventually walk on her hands. She's doing hand-springs nad roundoffs really nicely. First born and middle born were having a contest the other night - they both laid on their backs in front of the TV and then flipped up their legs till they touched the ground behind their heads - the contest was to see who could stay that way the longest while watching TV. Middle born is more limber so she won most of the rounds, but then I saw what was going on and watching two fannies hover in the air was too much for me so I snuck up and tickled them. Nearly got my teeth knocked out when the kids unwound. LOL

well - that's about all there is here. The boy is not allowed over unless I am here to inspect his head - I sure feel badly but I can't do it any other way. It's just too expensive. Speaking of the Boy, he was dropped off over here last weekend while his mom went to the beach. This time I was not asked if it was okay - and naturally he had critters so he couldn't stay and naturally his mother was nowhere to be found. I AM SICK OF THAT. I swear... I will have to report her or something - if I only knew what I could report her for. I mean, DCF won't do much about filthy or irresponsible, and here in Florida, they have already lost 1/3 of the kids that were placed in foster care - literally LOST the kids. God knows where they are. I am wondering if the evil I know is better than the evil I don't. (not that sh'es evil, just irresponsible)

Read an article the other day on CNN or yahoo news the other day and someone in Iraq was quoted as saying that "america is everywhere, you just can't escape it" and it hit me how true that was. We stick our noses everywhere, and the little guys can't escape it. I'm not happy with how we are presenting ourselves to the world. I don't know anyone who is.

Anyhow - I'm not going to soapbox anything, there's enough of that in the world today. All is well here in Florida, everyone is happy and healthy. I will post again soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should try Iams Adult Lite formula, it's in a turquoise-color bag. It is a little pricier that other cat food, but our male neutered indoor cat is very lean, and the food has the right amount of protein that he won't get urinary infections. That cat is my husband's baby.

7/11/2004 08:23:00 PM  
Blogger Karry said...

They get generic adult cat food right now - I splurge a little and get the fish/chicken/liver kind for them because they don't like the other kind and I don't blame them - yuck! I can't afford to feed them solely on the "good" brand-name stuff. (I'm the only one workin and I have 5 critters and 5 people to feed) Once in a great while I will open a can of moist cat food and split it three ways so that none of the kitties gorge and then puke because of it. I cut that out several months ago when I noticed that he was gaining weight. He's not scavenging for people leftovers either. I think it's just a neutered male thing cause the other two who arent neutered (but will be as soon as I can afford it) are still slim.

Lately I've noticed that he is provoking my dogs into chasing him. At first I was concerned but after being chased and barked at and me holding the dog back - he did it again! I figure that if he didn't learn his lesson the first time I wasn't going to rescue him and it turned out that it was all a big game. My dog's hip is bothering her again (arthritis) because of it but Baby and Joplin now play regularly. I figure they will stop when it's too hard to play.

7/12/2004 08:46:00 AM  

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