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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Adventures in Parenting

First Born tonight stole two candy bars while we were grocery shopping. Dixie found them under his bed - they were chocolate so it is a good thing she didn't eat them or we would have had to rush a sick little doggie to the vet. Anyhow, she found them after we got home and after a little pressure I was able to get the full story out of him. It seems that because I  would not allow him to spend his money on candy, he just took the candy.

It was 10:00 at night when the confession came but we took those candy bars, stopped by the ATM to get some cash and I marched him back into the store to face what he did. I made him tell the cashier what he did and pay for them. He will be working off the money it cost this weekend. Also, no candy bars. Sadly, he did not pick the good ones. He picked an M&M candy bar (yeah, that's exactly what I thought when I saw it too) and some sort of sour juice bottle sucky candy lollipop thing. Like I want to eat that. Shyeah.

In other news:
Second Born had a couple of funny comments tonight. She was miffed at her brother earlier in the evening because he was making rude and insulting comments towards her. I would shush him and a few minutes later she would screech "Mom! He's assaulting me again!" 

Later that evening, after the store, but before the confession she came up to me to tell me about the TV show she was watching. It was a Discovery Channel Kids special about Wooly Mammoths and cave men. She was very enthusiastically describing a fight between the wooly mammoth and the niagra-falls. The whole time she's talking I thought to myself "whatever could she mean by "niagra falls"???" and then it hit me - Neanderthals.

Sheesh - kids, ya gotta love 'em.


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