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Monday, July 05, 2004


So, yesterday DH and I took the kids to see old Fort Matanzas. It was a free admission - small hike - boat ride and tour day. Lots of spiders - BOY are there lots of spiders. I'm not doing much nature-wise anymore cause it's so spidery - I won't be bushwhacking for Geocaches anymore until fall. We had fun It rained really hard after the tour and we thought fireworks would be cancelled but went anyway - well by the time we go thtere it was a light drizzle and fireworks were still on. I didn't bring my camera because I thought it would be too wet but I should have. The fireworks reflecting off the ocean combined with the roar of the surf was really something else, let me tell you. The kids had a blast and we got soaked - the kids in the surf and DH and I by the rain.

I bought cherry pie filling the other day but havent made a pie yet - I should go do that.

MOM - where's the picture you were going to send?

Love you all.


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