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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Atack Kitty

(image removed cause it's just too gross)

My cat went PSYCHO last night and turned into attack kitty. I thought she was going to kill my dog. I have no idea what happened - everything was fine, kitty was getting some cuddle time in when the dog woke up. Well as soon as the dog woke up - WHOA. She startd growling and took off after the dog. Joplin took off through the kitchen peeing the whole way (she has a weak bladder) If I wasn't so scared for her it would have been quite funny to see a big huge dog being chased by my petite lil ole kitty. Dixie (the maybe 3 pound dog) got into the fray just by being there and seeing an easier "enemy" my cat took off after her. I never knew Dixie could howl. Yikes! Well, my cat would have mauled Dixie badly so I reached down and swooped her out of reach and this was the thanks I got from my cat. When I swooped in to get Dixie, the cat ran away. I started calming Dixie down and ATTACK KITTY got me. You can see the damage here - these scratches and bites did not stop bleeding for most of the night. There was lots of blood in the kitchen - but all of it was mine - none of the animals got hurt. These type of scratches reall bleed a lot! Posted by Hello


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