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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Creepy people

I had a real creep on the phone yesterday. He called up, got one of my co-workers and INSISTED on talking to me. Which isn't really weird cause some people just get favorite techs but when you put that together with the rest of the weirdness it's creepy. This man was rude to my co-worker and utterly sweet to me. Which was odd, but he hadn't turned into "weird client of the day" yet. This man asked me where I lived. I get that a lot from the males I speak with and my pat answer is "the office is located in *cityname* Florida". That usually gets the point across. Not this guy. he says "I know, but where do YOU live?" ...huge pause.... "Uh, nearby, I mean I have to work here, right? hahaha" I made sure the tone of my voice conveyed that I thought the question was ODD.

Later in the conversation, I hear a toilet flush - REAL close to the phone. Uh excuse me? We are discusing your computer and you are responding like you are sitting right there, telling me what happens when you click on things??? You've crossed the line into weird buddy.

Later on, out of the blue, he asks me (I will never forget this question) "Do you wear a bathing suit while you are at home during the day?" WHAT??? Sir, I just asked you if you would check the ink in your printer because I think you are out of blue ink and you ask me about my BATHING SUIT? There was a long pause after he asked that and I said "excuse me??? I don't think I caught all of that" I wanted him to get the hint and take the out I provided and we would pretend I didn't hear what I jsut heard and everyone would save face... but NO. "I asked if you wear a bathing suit top while you are at home during the day" now he'd crossed the line into creepy at full speed. "Uh, nooooooo I usually don't???? Do you have the blue cartridge from your printer? does it stillhave ink in it?" Now it was his turn to say "HUH?"

Needless to say I got off the phone as quickly as it was polite to do so. I will immediately begin the "weird client wean" whereby I pass his calls to another tech (It will be male) and make it known that I am "on the phone" or "stuck in a meeting" when this guy calls. I feel bad about doing this kind of wean to clients who glom onto me sometimes, but not in this case - I'm doing it for my own safety. this guy is a real nutcase. And I don't mean that in a good way.


Blogger kristine said...

sounds like you might have a stalker

7/20/2004 04:31:00 PM  

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