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Life is not about getting to the destination, life is what happens to you on the way there. 

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

the weather

It rained sideways today. I was at work when the power flickered, and then it flickered again and all the phone calls got dropped. The flicker occurred at the same time as a lightning strike across the street and an earsplitting CRASH. I punched out for Lunch and after I warmed up my leftovers the power went out. It stayed out for about an hour. We were all joking about who we would eat first if the doors would not open tolet us out (they have electronic locks - which do work after the powre goes out after all) when we found that the big bosses were escorting some of our clients on a tour of the building inthe dark. I suspect there was going to be a tour anyway - but it sure was embarassing for the department cause some of us were not very quiet (a few were cracking jokes and the others were laughing). LOL. If they notify us in advance that we have guests in the house we do behave better...

My "mole" at work was going to tell me more about the rumor I heard about a job possibility for me but when this person called me last night the phone they were using did not pick up this person's voice. I tried calling back, but still no go. I think I am just not meant to know and plan on telling this person so today. Besides, if I do know, and it never comes to pass (A distinct possibility in this job I have) then I won't be disappointed or bitter about it.


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