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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Yeah - I'll never do that again

15 Lessons I learned today:

1. Listen to your husband when he suggests that it would not be a good idea to take the dogs to the beach
2. upon ignoring said husband, be sure to pack the dog water dish or you will have to turn around to go get it.
3. Dogs shed - a lot
4. Always remember which beaches allow dogs, surprisingly not many of them do.
5. Keep the little dog off your husbands lap while driving - the photo op outside the window is not worth losing your life
6. When you have one dog that knows about stairs, and another dog that has never seen them - you WILL be pulled in two directions at one time.
7. The dogs who have never seen the ocean before will most defintely be surprised at water that comes to meet them.
8. A surprised dog will slip her collar but sit right down to study the thing that surprised them so you can easily put the collar back on
9. Beaches that allow dogs are liable to allow other animals as well - like 6 horses.
10. Dogs are scared of horses
11. Dogs still shed when wet. ESPECIALLY when wet.
12. You will not remain free of sand when you take dogs to the beach. Sand will be everywhere.
13. Wet fur + salt water + fishy sand = stinky dog
14. The dog you just taught about stairs will forget everything she learned and jump through them because it looks like it's easier.
15.  A tired dog can't fight with the cat - she would rather sleep.


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