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Thursday, August 19, 2004

3x is the charm

My grass just loves all this rain we are getting. Sunny in the morning, wet and shady in the evening. I have 6 inch grass now. DH has been raking up all the pine needles and debris that landed in our yard due to Charley and we now ahve 2 garbage cans full. That doesn't count the three huge mounds of dead branches shorn off by either the winds or by the power guys. So, thinking to neaten it up a bit, he pulled out the mower and tried to mow the lawn. Now we have been making this mower do because we couldn't afford a new one. It leaks oil like a sieve - the power drive no longer works, the choke has to be manually set with pliers and you shut it off by yanking the spark plug wire out. The Blade was dull, it no longer mulched like it was supposed to, and shook wildly... but it cut grass. Well, today, Dh took out the mower to cut the lawn and the blade wobbled or something (I don't understand that part really - has to do with the wild shimmy the mower has gotten lately) whanged on some part of the metal under-carriage and the mower jerked itself almost 90 degrees sideways. I think that if he wasn't holding onto it so well it would have turned right around and gobbled up his toes as if to say "I'm tired and OLD - leave me alone!". Well - the engine seized up and DH didn't want to rebuild it so we bought a new one. (thank you payday!) Old faithful is by the road right now cause tomorrow is garbage day. It lasted a long time. I think it would have lasted a lot longer if firstborn didn't take to smacking it with chunks of cement or bending pieces of ti so that it was hard to start. I made sure that firstborn was with us when we bought the replacement and I emphasized that if something happened to this one he should remember the price tag. If I catch him trying to break the mower again he's going to have to pay to have it fixed. (Usually some chores or some such)


Blogger oakwoman said...

OMG, we have one of those mowers too. The kind that you just keep fixing because you can't afford a new one. Fortunately we have a neighbor living up the hill that can fix it for us when it breaks (which is pretty much everytime we try to mow the lawn). I am making dennis get me one of those that has a series of sharp blades that turn in a circle when you push it. That way i can mow without having to worry about how to start it, or worry about having enough gas, what to do when it breaks, or ruining it when I don't see one of the hundred or so stumps hidden under the grass that is 1 ft tall because we haven't been able to keep the mower running long enough to get it all cut. We finally got the front yard finished today. It looks like a mowed hay field in some places.

8/19/2004 10:47:00 PM  
Blogger Karry said...

LOL I know what you mean. I keep telling myself that when the grass goes to seed it's a good thing because it will help my lawn regenerate faster and pretty soon I won't be mowing dirt and mushrooms. :)

8/20/2004 09:17:00 AM  

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