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Friday, August 13, 2004


I am home now, thanks to HeWhoOffersAPaycheckEveryTwoWeeks. First thing I did was call the friends of mine who reside in a mobile home and try to talk them out of their house. Noone was interested in seeking shelter in town because they would not be able to get back. I think that is the biggest deterrent. The local schools are being used as a shelter. I figure that if I need to seek shelter I will only have to walk a couple blocks so I'm not to worried about it... anymore at least. I was completely wigging out at work, but now that I am home I feel so much better. Someone suggested that we fill our bathtubs with water to be used for flushing the toilets so I am going to do that after the little'uns get out of it. I have also filled both my picnic coolers with water and those are in the master bath.

I've got the weather channel on and am checking local emergency websites regularly. I will post some photos as it comes through =- assuming that I will A) have a computer, b) have a dry computer c) have an internet connection and D) am alive. Hahaha.

I feel so much better now that I am at home.


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