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Saturday, August 21, 2004

good news - bad news

well the home loan went from having lots of money out to having a little money out to having to bring cash to the table. Banks suck. I think we have worked it out though - but we won't know until we actually go to the closing. The good news is that my rate will drop, I won't have to pay that stupid PMI insurance any more, and my monthly payment will be significantly less. No car though. I'm just not meant to be able to go back up north to visit family. I'm all depressed about this too because not only do I miss my family, but our car is getting flakey. It always made a weird humming/grinding/thumpy noise when we went around a right turn (but not a left turn)- well now it's also clicking but not really clicking cause that's not the word I'm looking for - it's the sound you get when you wrap two pieces of rebar in a towel adn smack them together. Kind of a cross between a click and a whunk noise. (Gee, can you tell that I'm not a mechanic?) I think it's the joint thingy that the steering wheel is attached to and turns the front wheels whatever that is called. CV joint? Universal joint? Whatever it is, I know it's EX-PEN-SIVE which means that I will literally be driving my beater into the dirt and after that I will be riding my bike. FUN. Yeah.

In other - better - news, teh lawnmower works great and it's not ripping our grass up by the roots - the lawn is still green after it is mowed. It looked so nice after DH mowed yesterday.

I found some interesting patterns for christmas ornaments yesterday - they are really time consuming though cause I have to print them out and then color them with something and then cut them out and then do a lot of folding and then gluing/taping/stapling them. I figure if I start now and do 3 each weekend (yeah it takes that long) I might have enough to give to everyone at Christmas time. I've been told I'm nuts for planning Christmas in August, but when you have such a tight budget, you kind of have to. I wonder if I could make these things out of something more firm than paperboard? Have to mull that idea over for a while.


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