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Saturday, August 07, 2004

I hate rain

It has rained non-stop for the past three days. Not raining is one of the main reasons I like Florida so much. I don't care for gloomy skies - this is too much like up north. I am so done with rain. Bleah. Got to keep the kids occupied indoors and civil to eachother too... double-bleah.
**whine whimper complain feel sorry for myself whine whimper whine** There, now I have spared you the boredom and I feel better. Hehehe.

Today the kids and I went to Home Depot and did their free kids activity. This month is was periscopes. Afterward, we came home and painted them. Everyone had a good time. The seconds paint at Home Depot had some pretty shades of pink, but I was looking for green so nothing doin there. I leeched some paint color cards to use in making gift tags, and even though they got rained on they should make some nice tags, maybe you will get one at christmas?

I need to call my aunt back up north, she was kind enough to ship me her very expensive painting that I helped pick out with her when I was much younger. She must be choosing new colors for her house. For years it was seafoam and dusty rose. I'm glad for the painting because I was wondering what to do my bedroom in. Inspiration arrived in the mail. Thank you!

That's about all that's doin lately. Hope there is sunshine in your part of the country. If so, send some my way - but time it so that it comes on a weekend, not during the week when I have to sit at my desk and just watch it through the window.


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