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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Interesting event

Today the weirdest thing happened. I was walking through my living room in my jammies today and noticed a tan minivan stopped in the road outside. The people in the car were looking at my house and gesturing. I stood in the window for a while and they pulled up a little and then reversed a little - like they were trying to see it from all angles. That was just TOO weird for me so I went outside - rain - ugly hair - jammies and all. They then pulled into the drive way and proceeded to explain themselves. It was a youngish couple - the wife was expecting and the husband was short. He told me that they would like to see the house because it was his mother who built the house. I guess she died in the house too - not sure why, didn't want to pry. Turns out that there is about 4-6 more feet of backyard that I need to claim from the jungle, the pink room withthe funky shelves was custom built for his mom to display ehr porcelain doll collection. There really were two master bedrooms in the house and what is now Second born's room used to be an office. She had my really nice shower custom designed for her. I guess the whole house is custom from an architect - which is good because there will be no other house in the area like it. So many of the newer homes are going up like cookie cutter houses. I like to be different.

In other news - Second born was told to clean today and after a big fight finally did it. One of the many excuses that were given was this one: "I can't clean! I have bad eyes! I just don't see the toys!"

Coco was refusing to eat any food - I found out why when I watched her try to gum a piece of dry dog food to death. I think she is a little young to be seperated from mama. DH went to the store and bought some soft puppy food that comes in a pouch and she got that down - it's pieces were small enough to gum down. Don't get me wrong - the dog has teeth - but she doesn't know how to bite yet. She mostly sucked in the food - licked it inside the mouth a bit and tried to swallow - kind of like she is still nursing. She would gag and out would come the dry food, only more slobbery. Moist-n-Meaty was better - but she basically could only lick up crumbled bits. The pouch stuff which is like sliced gelatinous pate in gravy works well. She still doesn't like water - but will take an occasional lap of it when she is near the water dish.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My parents' dog was taken away too young too. The lady sent them home with Puppy Chow and goat's milk to soak it in. She had a farm in the middle of Amish country! After the goat's milk was gone, they just soaked the dog's next meal in water. I know exactly how you mean, the pup sucks the food more than biting. Your pup has two other dogs to show her the ropes! She is too cute!

A few trees are just starting to turn color here already! Berrien Co. Youth Fair 2 weeks!

Your pal in MI,

8/03/2004 08:21:00 AM  
Blogger Karry said...

I didn't think of water - I will have to try that when I wean her off the canned/pouched dog food. Maybe I will do a 50/50 mix or something right now. Hmmmm

8/03/2004 03:33:00 PM  

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