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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It's coming

well the projected path will make Francis come right through my area of Florida. She's supposed to be a 5 by landfall and I have heard rumors that they may need to add another classification for this storm and make it a 6. That's rumor though - she's certainly large - she's as big as my state already. People are talking about Floyd and Andrew and comparing it to this one - which scares me somewhat. I'm beginning to think we should pack up and leave to go stay with family on the panhandle. My biggest fear about that is what to do with my critters and will our family appreciate having all of us descending on them en-masse? Will I be able to get there in my crapola car, and if I do - will I be able to get back??? So many what ifs.

By the way, Mom, I talked to your bank (they called this AM) and I will have the papers on their way to lil bro before Francis comes - no worries there.

I am told that Home Depot has no more plywood. They better have 2x4s though - we have to brace the garage door.


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