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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Nerves and transference of pain sensation

Well, it turns out the pain in my shoulder isn't really a pain in my shoulder. It's not even a pain in my neck. It's in the sternoclavicular joint, which is a really fancy way of saying it's the bone in front of your neck. (click here for diagram) The doctor labeled it arthritis because the area is inflamed and extremely tender to the touch. I don't think it is arthritis. A dislocation maybe, a sprain maybe, but not arthritis. I looked it up online and injuries to this area only usually happen from blunt force trauma. I don't recall ANYTHING that would have caused this at all. All I know is that it hurts really bad and I had to take the day off work to see the doctor and get some xrays. Nothing odd with my bones that I could see on the x-rays (They took about 7-8 shots). They are going to be read by the professional soon. I felt so old at the x-ray clinic. the technician said "hmmmm 1974, and you are 29, I'm 27... that doesn't add up, wait, OH I get it! you are GOING TO BE 30 this year". Um, yeah, age check - thanks.

I'm still wracking my brain as to how I did it. I'm so forgetful lately it could have been anything. It certainly makes typing a little hard to do and swiveling my neck hurts too. Mix it all in with the weird vision effects, numbness and tingling that have been going on lately and you have one big mess. ACK! my body is falling apart! Call AARP!

Update on the loan - we can't do it. we went to the closing and they changed the numbers yet again and now we need WAY more money than we were told to bring which means we are going to have to back out of it. Banks suck. I have until Friday to discuss the options with the bank. But my loan person was just admitted to the hospital and is incommunicado for who knows how long (Get better soon Troy!) and his supervisor has not returned calls. Neither has the other loan person up in the big city.


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