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Monday, August 16, 2004

No power

I am without power so there wont be updates for quite some time. The tree fell, snapped the line and it's just laying there. The fire went out - thanks to the rain so there is that blessing. What really IRKS me to no end is the fact that it was 100% avoidable. If they had sent someone out to prop up the tree and get it off the wires, it could have waited indefinitely. I realize there are other more serious outages - but one truck, a couple men and a rope for about an hour surely wouldn't have gone amiss.

There, I've griped. I don't feel better though cause I know we are EXTREMELY lucky that it was not worse. I've seen images of where the trees are all flattened like so many dominoes or matchsticks.

The offspring had a rough night - I would not allow them to have a flashlight on all night. We are not due for power restoration until Wednesday. It will be cold dinners and cold showers for a while.

I'm updating from work right now - but I can't write more because of exactly that. I'm at work.


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