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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Not a good day

I was facing melt-down for most fo the afternoon. A weekend of extreem stress and shock piled on top of lots of little things and I was ready to scream.

Today, overslept, dog pooped on floor and child responsible for dog did not pick it up. Not pleasant. Got to work late, spent the whole day doing Te-Di-OUS testing. it's all grunt work this stuff - easy, but so boring I often forgot what I was doing because my mind wandered. Found out that the refinance of the house will go through well, but nothing like they told me it would be. I will still have to save up for a new car. Might not have enough for a used one. The loan officer told me that it would be better not to cash out for a car anyhow I should get one wth payments. NO WAY. I will not do that - it's just not an option for me.

I was asked to come back to work to help train the new guy so after work, I went home, helped with dinner, ate, and went back to work. It was only supposed to be for a few minutes but it turned into an hour and a half. I had left my car window open and I discovered it was raining when I went back tothe car. I sat in a sopping wet seat and turned on the windsheild wipers. The wiper fluid pump kicked in accidentally so I waited for it to shut off. It never did. I shut off the wipers, but they never stopped. The pump for wiper fluid that has been cleaning my windows with wiper fluid in the rain is now pumping air and whistling.... I can't turn it off - something is shorted out. See, I really need that new car. DH is out there in the rain right now - further soaking the interior by trying to fix the short. I am afraid to look. I figure if I have to I know co-workers that live near me so I will give them a call if I have to get a ride. If that fails, I do have a bike - I should ride it more. I think I would if it wasn't wedgie-bike. LOL (Sorry mom)

There is a group getting supplies together to take to the hurricane victims. Not sure if victim is the right word but I can't think of the right word right now. where is my thesaurus when I need it??? Anyhow, I will be getting things together to have them take to them. I want to go for a drive along A1A but I am afraid to - not so much of what I will see, but of what I wont. The photos on the newspaper cover are really bad. We are so seriously lucky where I am.


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