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Friday, August 06, 2004

Not much doin

Things are good down here for us lately. The appraiser came by and it looks like I will have my loan soon. The new puppy is loving playtime with the other dogs - she's so funny when she walks. She waddles and trips herself, it's too cute.

School starts next week for the lil sprouts. All three are looking forward to going. We have all the school supplies and book bags and everything. We got them tax-free due to a new Florida law that gives one week of tax-free sales for school related supplies under $10 each and clothing/shoes under $50 each. I think I got that right. Anyhow - I didn't have to pay tax on the school supplies which helped out a lot.

I recieved news that some of my nieces and nephews up north were in a fight with the neighbor kids. One niece has a broken nose and lots of bruising. The children who attacked them will have charges pressed against them. I am praying that the injuries heal well and do not cause problems for my nieces and nephew later on, cosmetically, medically, or otherwise.

I think that is about it. There is a tropical depression just outside of Florida and if it develops into anything there will be lots of rain here in about 4-5 days. Welcome to Hurricane season. LOL. When I was a kid, I had never heard of hurricanes until one day at school and I asked my teacher what they were. She said they were like a tornado. I said, "but faster and cane-shaped right?" She looked at me really weirdly then - I will never forget that expression and slowly explained that they were bigger and slower than tornadoes. I realize now she was trying really hard to not laugh at me. :)

Side note: Blogger is having issues today so even though I post this now, you may not see it for a while... like this note here is going to make it all better. LOL Whatever...


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