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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Notes from this morning

Here is what I wrote in my journal this morning. I now have time to type them in here.

Okay, only one word. WOW. Boy did I ever underestimate this. I have no power, no cellular, no nothing. Branches are down and my favorite radio station is no longer on the air. I feel totally isolated here, I still have my camera and will be documenting everything. Last night I heard the rain and wind lashing the house and although I tried to sleep, I couldn't. At one time I heard the roof creak. Talk about SCARY

The radio says that everyone should stay off the streets. I cannot call into work, I can't log into the emergency site. The radio says that without more deisel fuel for their generators they will be going off the air. I heard a story of a guy that was picked up by the wind and blown into a chain link fence.

No power anywhere. They are using generators for the stop lights. They have a generator at work for the servers. Sharky's on A1A does not have a roof. There was a story on the radio about someone canoeing down A1A. It may have been a rumor but that's what they said they saw. there was phone service at work so I called mom. I left her a quick mesage. I could not get through to anyone else, the lines were all clogged. I couldnt dial anywhere. The power came on for about a second but that's it. A friend of mine in the emergency management division says that the bridges are closed and that almost noone has any power. He said that the transformers were all blowing up cause of the overload. They police have blocked the highway - noone can get on. You can get off but can't get back on.

Just tried calling again. the land lines are still down but they must be doing something with the cellular because when I tried to dial out it said we are sorry but the number you are dialing from does not have access. I know I paid my cellular bill so I hope it is just some bad crossed wires on their part or something.


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