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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Okay I'm a nervous wreck

Uh yeah - my life has suddenly started revolving around the word hurricane. It's coming - and it will be here on Friday or so the predictions say. I've gathered as much fresh water as I can, I've also started bagging ice. Our ice maker is going to go through a workout as long as we have power. DH is going out to buy us another thingie of propane for the gas grill because the power will go out and it will stay out. Why do I know this? Well, the last major storm we had knocked out our power for over 12 hours. And it wasn't even a bad storm by any stretch of the word. This is a hurricane. Thank god I'm not in the evac area and I'm far enough inland to escape the storm surge. I can only imagine what I would be doing if I lived closer to the ocean. YIKES. Work has implemented emergency plans for "just in case". I'm scared, but I'm sure it will all be for nothing but a big thunderstorm - kind of like the one I drove home from work in today where I could see only 5 feet in front of me and there were plumes of water on either side of my car extending about 6 feet out. It will probably be like that. Oh the things a storm label will make you think of...

I keep trying to sign off with something non-dramatic but I can't think of anything. so ehre is my original: I will keep posting updates as long as I am able to power up the machine in a dry room and connect to the internet.


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