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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Our first hurricane(s)

I will be stocking up on water tomorrow and other emergency supplies.


Flash Report # 1
[xxx] County Emergency Services - Emergency Management Tropical Storms Bonnie and Charley
Wednesday August 11th 2004 1130hrs
[xxx] County Emergency Services is currently tracking Tropical
Storms Bonnie and Charley. There are no weather advisories in effect
for [xxx] County at this time. However if the current forecast
track holds, [xxx] County could experience tropical storm or
hurricane conditions on Friday and Saturday. This is a fast moving
storm and will not have much chance to weaken over land.
All residents and visitors should begin advanced preparations now.
This includes Implementing your personal Emergency Plan, double- checking supplies and monitoring the latest information from the
National Weather Service and [xxx] County Emergency Services.
Remember that conditions can change rapidly and watches or warnings
could be issued with in the next 48 hours.


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