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Monday, August 16, 2004

Power's back.

My trees are mutilated but it's a small price to pay. I wanted more sun and I wanted to remove one of them anyways.

Now that I have had more time to see what kind of damage was done exactly by this hurricane I feel really bad about my complaining earlier. I did not have time before the power went out to see any images or anything - I just knew some businesses had roofs blown off and some trees and powerlines were down. I knew my radio station wasn't on the air anymore, but I never knew what the devastation was like. Oh - MY - GOSH. And I'm whining about a little tree leaning on a line? I didn't have power for 48 hours? wah! Some people lost EVERYTHING. That SO could have been me. I am the luckiest person in the world today because I have a roof, clean clothing, hot showers and hot meals. None of my loved ones are dead, I have all my posessions and I still have a job to go to. (Some people lost their job when the building they worked in collapsed)

Hurricanes are NOTHING like tornadoes. I have most definitely been educated by mother nature herself. Imagine the worst thunderstorm you have ever been through, multiply that by 3 hours of time - sometimes more, and about 10x the wind and spinning wind (but no visible funnel like tornados) and HUGE amounts of rain and you might be able to imagine a hurricane. I've said it was raining sideways in this blog before - well I was exaggerating a tiny bit cause in a hurricane it really does rain sideways.

I learned today that houses are built to withstand hurricanes but if one window breaks, the windows are designed in such a way that all the windows will blow outward. In a stick built home the walls may be blown outward as well. I am so glad I insisted on a block and stucco home. DH and I are going to make plywood shutters and buy the special concrete anchors for the exterior walls because there is NO WAY I want to go through that again. NO WAY. NOPE. NEVER.


Blogger oakwoman said...

Congratulations on surviving the hurricane. i have some friends down there also that said they felt like it was a close call a few times. Thats something about that leaning tree. Was it the power lines that caught it on fire?
I just found your diary. I like it :) and I'm going to add it to my favorites. The colors and the pictures of the rain are very relaxing :).

8/16/2004 07:34:00 PM  
Blogger Karry said...

I have a fan! Yay for me! LOL. Funny you should think the rain is relaxing - I suppose it could be. That's Tropical Storm Bonnie rain. Just a wall of white that stings when it hits you cause it's falling so fast. :) Thank you for saying you liked the blog though, it was very sweet of you.

There is a rescue group gathering supplies on Saturday this week that I will be helping with. It's the least I can do because the hurricane did not touch me like it did others.

8/17/2004 02:05:00 PM  

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