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Friday, August 27, 2004

The sling - a blessing in disguise

DH bought me a sling yesterday from the drugstore - let me tell you, my arm almost feels normal when it's in the sling. I've even figured out typing while it's slinged. I can't take it out of the sling though - the result is spec-tac-ular pain. If this pain could result in fireworks, I am sure it would. For the most part, if I wear it, my arm/shoulder problem is fine, just a bit achey. I called the doctor today adn they hadn't gotten my x-rays back yet but are supposed to call me this afternoon. When we went to the doctor last Wed he offered me prescription painkillers which I politely declined because I'm not a pill person. Well, today I told them I would very much like to take them up on their offer. VERY MUCH would like to. So, they are calling in some drugs today and I will get them after work. I hope it helps.

The kids are doing wonderfully well at school - I was worried about firstborn, but he's actually DOING his homework! Second born is feeling unloved no matter what I do - I've about given up on making her feel better. Everything I have to say no to is flung back at me as evidence that I don't love her. I think she's 9 going on 15. Youngest is having a great time in kindergarten. DH and I worried about separation problems but she happily skips away to the bus every day. She's so ready for school and is having a great time.

We wound up working out the issues with the bank and all is well. We walked away $16 to the good which is SO SO much better than what we were told a few days ago.

DH is so sweet - here is an e-mail he wrote to me at work today: "I can't tell you how much I appreciate that you went to work when you don't feel so good." I think he's a keeper, eau de toilet cake or not.


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