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Friday, August 13, 2004

This is so scary

I hear the rain and the wind outside and the windows are rattling. We still have power and I still have internet access but the tv is out. About another hour or two and it will be here. It is too dark to take pictures of anything but if I can I will. The cats are going nuts - they know something is up. I caged my dog because she is really trying to burn off the tensionshe is feeling and has been tearing around the house lately.

I'm so scared - The thunder just will ot stop - it's like a constant low rumble that comes and goes. I am not likely to get much sleep if any tonight. This is not even the hurricane, this is just a squall on the outside of the hurricane.

The wind is whistling against the outside of my house - it sounds vaguely like a hoot owl....


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