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Monday, August 30, 2004


working vs. not working is a HUGE difference in my arm. Oh-my-gosh. I am so sore today you just would not believe. The doctor still doesn't know where my x-rays are - I called them and "discussed" things with the nurse and inquired why I never got a call back or my script called in like promised. she said she didn't know what happend but she would call one in for me now. Nope, don't need it now. She assured me she would track down the x-rays. Said she would call me this evening but she only said that after I told her that if it was broken and they had to re-break the bone to fix it I would be seriously upset. Well guess what - no call. So I'm calling first thing tomorrow morning and if they still don't have my x-rays or any results I will be hoofing it down to the shop to get them myself and going to a new doctor. this is total BALONEY. (I'd use the other word, but minors are reading this site)

Stress levels are rising again, we may be dealing with Frances before the week is out - I am so not looking forward to it. I mean - why here why now? why twice in my county in one year??? Making up for last year I suppose. UGH! Well, the good thing is that we will have a little bit extra this month so we will be able to buy plywood and 2x4s. I always thought the piles of lumber in everyones garage was just clutter. Well, I've been educated. **BIG SIGH** I guess this is the price to pay for the dubious pleasure of February sunburns. DH and I may get eachother a diesel generator for christmas - hahaha.


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