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Thursday, August 12, 2004


things have settled down a bit around here - tornado is gone - didn't touch down. School is cancelled tomorrow in anticipation of the bad weather. The storm ahs been upgraded to a class 2 which means up to 100mph winds and gusts faster than that. I am told it will be a clas 4 by landfall and once it hits land it will begin to peter out - I've heard that we will experience everything from "just a lil squall" to calss 2 winds. I'm still scared but more resigned to it now. I am as prepared as I will ever get. I'm not in the evac area, I have a sturdy house with good strapping in the roof so it's not likely to blow away, I'm not likely to flood, I'm prepared for a power outage... I can't block the windows but I do have duct tape and I have the plastic tinting that is bonded to the windows so that will help. Someone told me that it is code for houses to have windows that withstand 100mph winds and lately they have increased it to 130mph. My house is new but not that new so I think it will do the 100mph and not the 130.

Not sure if the family up north understands what this is going to be like. There is a funeral on Saturday for one of DH's aunts down here and we were told when and where - I explained that we would not be going because of the storm and my MIL got off the phone very quickly - not sure if I upset her or something but I'm not going anywhere in a Cat2 storm, I don't care whose funeral it is. DH backed me up on this 100% which I really appreciated. My car has a hard enough time in normal weather - I'm not driving 6 hours in the middle of this - I would be crossing the path of the hurricane to get there. Nope, not going to do it. There's always the chance that I mis-interpreted her actions, maybe there really was something else she needed to do all of a sudden.... I don't know. I will call them again after this is all over.

I've tweaked the blog and did up another quickie banner - not sure if I will be sticking with green. I like it - but it's a little bright for me, I liked the dark background of the other one. Expect more changes soon.


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