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Sunday, September 05, 2004

All that wind and nothing to show for it

Not that I want somethign to show for it - don't get me wrong. I just can't sleep anymore. I had the craziest dreams about the storm - I dreamt that there was a cruise liner in my backyard and an air-forcec airplane parked in my front yard. So, when I got up and there wasn't even a single branch down, it was mildly disappointing.

The kids had a campout last night - they watched movies and cartoons until they fell asleep. I have temporarily lifted the grounding we recently had to apply to Eldest for sneaking his game boy to school. We did that because it would keep them from worrying about the storm and we could still watch the weather channel in the other room.

We still have electric and water - the wind noise around here is from the 100foot pines that surround my house and are peppered through our neighborhood. The dead tree I was worried about isn't even swaying int he wind and I think that is because there are no needles for the wind to grab on to and pull. She is most definitely here but so far just lots of wind and some rain. The radio keeps talking about flooding. I'm not in a flood prone area but a few weeks ago my neighbor said that the water around here does rise and once it was rather close to his back door. He's an older fellow and is a veteran of these parts - he's been here 20+ years so I think he knows what he is talking about. The cloud cover can't be all that bad though cause my satellite is just fine and it cuts out for really big clouds.

Electric has flickered a few times already - and I have some clocks to re-set. Other than that we are unscathed so far.


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