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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Headin for rain

Well, we are due for some of her rain here in an hour or so - and every time the sky even spits the power goes out so I fully expect to be cooking dinner on the grill tonight. So far nothing but breezes around here - we are under her cloud cover but nothing more than that - the trees are swaying - it's odd to see them sway so much when there is not that much wind here on the ground. It is also HOT. One of the leaning trees from Charley gave up and is now laying flat but it's in an empty lot and it didn't take anything with it so not so much excitement there.

The kids were starting to get really bored so I actually let them turn the channel to cartoons - I popped online to see when to expect Francis but it looks like she's several hours out yet and many mroe than that away from us. If she slows any more we will be living with her on Monday or Tuesday.


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