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Thursday, September 09, 2004

I am utterly shameless

Tonight is garbage night for my neighborhood. On the way home from work I drove through scoping out everyone's garbage - checking to see if anyone was throwing out anything useful.

The result is that I have never paid anything for any furniture / tv's / Stereos / lamps / bookcases / dressers / beds / paintings that I own. When it breaks, I don't feel bad, cause you can't feel bad about free. I have no decorator home, but because nothing matches, everything looks good. (well okay, I did buy two small bookcases, two paintings, and I will buy mattresses for bed frames, but that's it)

If you don't want to go scoping out someone's garbage, check out Freecycle for some good ways to score free stuff.

I live such a shameful cheapskate life.... LOL


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