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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I hope this thing posts this time.

Well, the frustration will just not end. Blogger keep crashing when I try to post things but I'm not so sure it's them - it's probably my ISP which is based down here in the "trouble zone". We have rolling brown-outs and wastewater backing up into the yard again - it will be a long time before life here gets to be anything close to normal. I've lost two or three lengthy posts already due to the ISP troubles so I've written this one in notepad and will paste it into the posting window so you will actually get to read it. That means my grammar and punctuation ought to be much better.

We cleaned up the neighbor's yard while she is gone (she had given us all her food when she left, it was only fair to make sure her house did not look abandoned or empty.) Last night we had power for a while - then it went out and then it came back. Wouldn't be such a big deal normally, and we didn't treat it as such because DH went grocery shopping last night. We didn't get much, just some hamburger, eggs, milk and cheese and other items that we did not have because the power went out. Well, we got the stuff and then went to bed, thinking to put Francis behind us and just begin to pray that Ivan would not hit us at all. HA

Well, Francis is not over. The storm part of it is, but everything else is most definitely not over. It will be a long time before the wastewater stops fountining out of the manhole in the yard and the refrigerator is left on for more than 48 hours reliably. Yes, the power went out at 4am last night. DH generates a lot of heat while sleeping and I woke up when the fan stopped running and it began to get oppressively warm in the bedroom. It has remained out since.

DH and I seriously need to consider obtaining some UPS battery power supplies and a generator. This year in Florida has been NOTHING like the other two. OH - MY - GOSH. I almost would rather deal with snow. (Don't get any ideas, the benefits of living down here really do outweigh the problems so I'm staying - lol)

Last night I spoke with a good friend of mine who described her own personal Francis story - it was terrible. Her mother lost the entire garage, the whole screen over the pool, and almost the entire roof of her home. My friend on the farm lost EVERY outbuilding she had. All that is left is a few remnants of her pool, her flooded barn and her house. That's it. She has well water and septic and she has been without power now for around three days, which means, with a well and a pump to draw well water, she has nothing. Her road is flooded and noone can get in or out. I want to help her but I can't get to her.

Tonight we are going to be eating a dozen eggs for dinner so they do not go bad. Fortunately we have all the ingredients for paper bag eggs. The kids really liked those while we were camping. The ingredients are simple and it's really yummy, but I would hate to think of the calories. No the bags don't burn and nothing tastes like paper. I want to try these with mushrooms but I never seem to have mushrooms when the opportunity for these arises.

Paper Bag Eggs

You will need:
Paper bags
Eggs (2 per person)
Bacon (3 strips per person)
Potatoes (if small, 2 per person)
salt and pepper
foil covered grill or cookie sheet
Very hot heat source
Something to cover the bags with (optional)

Wash and dice potatoes. I prefer to peel them but that's optional. Line the entire bottom of the paper bags with bacon. Add at least two handfuls of diced potatoes. Add some salt and pepper. Crack two eggs into each bag. Fold tops of bags and place on foil covered grill or cookie sheet. Cover and cook. If you can't cover it, no problem, but they cook faster if you do. If you omit the eggs because someone in your family doesn't like them (like I have to do for a certain someone), add a dab of butter to help the potatoes cook. Bags are done when eggs are firm and potatoes are soft.



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