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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Plywood and photos

Someone I know has two spare sheets of plywood - I think I am going to try to figure out a way to mount them on my stucco walls and protect some windows. I don't have wall anchors or anything for them so I don't know if it will just be better to leave them be.

This morning on the way to work my neighbors were boarding up their house and I saw more wood and storm shutters than glass on the way out of my neighborhood today. I'm getting a bit more worried now. News says that we will start feeling the wind tomorrow (If it gets real windy, I'm leaving work to be with my family - I can find another job, I can't replace my kids) and the hurricane will be over us on Saturday and Sunday will be the dregs of the wind as it leaves. I'll update and post images as often as I can. My image hoster www.photobucket.com is having some trouble right now so I can't post any of the images I have of the storm - but it's HUGE and will cover the entire state of Florida by the time it gets here.

Gettin' nervous....


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