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Saturday, September 04, 2004

The stars are out tonight

DH and I just spent 10 minutes outside looking at the stars and watching the curved edge of the clouds rotate. As bored as we are - it's on it's way - make no mistake. It just isn't going to be here tonight. It was really odd to look up and watch the turning of the clouds which I have been watching for so long from the sattelite's view.

In other news - I can't keep my head tipped up like that for very long - my shoulder is letting me know it was not a good idea. I broke down and took pain pills last night - it looks like I will need them again tonight.

It should be windy and wet tomorrow - I have prepped all the crafts for the kids to do tomorrow (we won't have to wait for the glue to dry) I have located three decks of cards, and a book we haven't read together yet. All the kids are uncomfortable - they are in various stages of the cold I just recently got over. They aren't asking me for de-congestant or cough drops anymore so they must be feeling better.

I remembered to turn up the fridge and freezer settings today, the kids got bathed and we filled the tub and coolers with water to drink/flush with if the water goes out. I also looked again at the 5 day projected path of Francis and by the end of next week, my michigander yankee relatives should be experiencing some of this weather. It's not often a hurricane drifts that far north. Of course it will only be a thunderstorm by then, but still - it's the principle of the thing. I am going to graciously share my bad weather with you folks back home. Aren't you ever so lucky?


Blogger oakwoman said...

My friend Lorrie sent me a message today saying there was another one on its way. In her message she said it will be the last time she will be on until its overwith so i am guessing its already where she is. i haven't been paying attention to the news so i don't really know. Here you guys are getting ready for another big one and we are sitting here in Arkansas watching the leaves shrivel up and fall to the ground and the grass turn to straw just hoping and praying that little thunderstorm stays in the forecast. Post of pictures of the rain!!!!

9/05/2004 01:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's weird. While Charley was active it was unseasonally cool here. Then Charley was gone and our weather went back to normal. Then it got really muggy and stagnant for Francis, even though we weren't having any rain. The sky would look threatening and we would get nothing, or just a few sprinkles. Today we had an outright downpour that lasted all of 15 minutes. That was the worst of it. I'm keeping the a/c to keep comfortable. Love the pictures of the kids camping and the dogs with them!
-Jen from MI

9/06/2004 09:29:00 PM  

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