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Friday, September 03, 2004

third times the charm

this is my third try at a post today - I hope it goes. I had some witty things earlier but they all got lost in the ether when Blogger froze or something. The track changes so she was not coming here and then it changed again so that she is - so who knows. We have numbers for the neighbors who evacuated so we can let them know if their house is standing or not. Other neighbors have put up boards. I am told Home depot got a fresh shipment today of plywood. Almost makes me wish I had a truck that ran so I could go get some wood and do something. We are expecting up to 20 inches of rain for our county alone so there is little doubt that there will be flooding.

However - the sky is the purest form of blue you can have with puffy white clouds scuttling by. You would never know somethign was going to happen. I think the birds know about it because I haven't seen a bird in at least the past three days.


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