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Life is not about getting to the destination, life is what happens to you on the way there. 

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

This could be The Big One

Tonight after work I went to Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions and they were boarding up the store. I think that's when it hit me. This could be The Big One. You know, the one people talk about for years and say "back in *insert year* when *insert storm name* hit, wow you just couldn't believe the destruction...". I didn't feel worried when I saw the line at home depot for plywood. I didn't panic when all the bread and spaghetti-o's and bleach was almost sold out and D cell batteries WERE sold out. Nope, that didn't bother me. But then I saw the line of people waiting for the on-ramp to the highway, (way more than normal) and then I saw that WALGREENS was boarding it's windows... it kind of sank in. This is going to be my Big One. My neighbors are leaving town. (I have numbers to call if something actually happens) My co-workers are all leaving town. IT'S COMING. And somehow - I'm only a little bit scared.


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