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Friday, September 03, 2004


well it has been breezier than usual today - we had a sudden downpour this afternoon like usual - only this time the downpour was late - it arrived about 6pm instead of 3pm like usual. We had a meeting at work - we were all given pre-paid phone cards to take with us and if we can't get to work on Tuesday we are expected to use the cards and work from home. Assuming, of course - that we have one left.

DH has braced teh garage - I couldn't budge it by leaning on it - and I weigh more than what the wind gusts are supposed to be getting up to in our area so there is no worries there.

On the way home from work, I stopped by Walmart and it's quite amusing actually - the shelves are empty. Frozen goods, however, is fully stocked. I picked up some little crafty type things for the kids to do when the power goes out. Last hurricane all I had was a puzzle and they got bored of that really quick. It's kind of hard to do a puzzle when it's all gloomy inside. So, we will be making chenille pipe cleaner ornaments, popsicle stick frames and painting teeny plaster figurines. It should save my sanity. I hope.

Traffic was almost non-existent for much of the day today. The highways are mostly empty and so is the town. I think everyone has gotten to where they need to go and are in the hunker down and wait stage. I hate this part of it. Charley was at least quick - about 3 hours of high winds (that I slept through) and that is it. He was right on time and everything. I SO want this thing with Francis to be over with so I can get back to my life. Ivan is coming up right behind Francis too - they did say it would be an unusually active year for hurricanes this year - well they weren't wrong.

Francis has slowed to 4mph and a catagory 2 now. there is discussion of whether or not the warmer waters on the end of the bahamas will have an effect on her or not. Warmer waters = faster wind for the hurricane. Maybe she will die off down there and all this worry will be for nothing? Whatever all of you are doing - be it prayer, happy thoughts or whatever, it appears to be working. THANK YOU!

My shoulder is reacting nicely to the steroids. I could really do without the hot flashes though... My co-workers think I'm nuts. First I'm putting my lap blanket on, then I'm taking it off, then I'm putting it on again... UGH I feel like I'm inthe middle of menopause.... I talked to my mom, she said that she felt the same way when she took this medicine for her MS. Well, mom, you were right - red-face comes on day two of the treatment. It's working wonders though - I have only needed the sling for a short time today. I might even try to skip the pain pill tonight.

All I have left to do is hunker down - watch the news until the power goes and wait. Some holiday weekend...


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