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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Definition of horror

Installing an update from Microsoft, forget to reboot and when DH reboots for you, NOT HAVING IT BOOT BACK UP.

Last night was not a pleasant evening. I had to perform digital surgery on my operating system because a certain service pak that shall remain nameless deleted some files and failed to re-install the updated ones! There was a time when it would not even read my C drive properly. I almost lost it then because all my photos and data for the last year is on here! Needless to say that I will be performing a backup VERY SOON. Using a windows based computer without the benefit of Explorer.exe is like pulling a tooth without anesthetic. DH helped me with a couple ideas - he showed me that I could use the task manager to run utilities and copy files. He also helped me look for the file that was missing. I was never happier when I ran explorer to see all my icons and the ugly little green start button again. WHEW. Thanks for helping DH!


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