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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

So tired

I've been really sleepy lately - sleeping thorugh my morning alarm, needing actual coffee to wake up in the morning... so tired. I've foudn I can actually drink coffeee again in the AM - although today the heartburn it causes was back with a vengeance. I think two mornings in a row is okay, but on the third morning my body just said "enough with the caffeine already".

In other news, firstborn had a pencil stuck in his eye. he was fooling around with youngest and somehow a pencil poked him but good. He didn't tell us of course until after dinner when I asked him what happened to his eye. Then he tells me nonchalantly "oh, it got stabbed with a pencil" WHAT? WHEN? WHY? So he enlightened us on how it happened and because his vision was unaffected and it obviously didn't hurt him we just let it go. The next day his eye was a bright red in the corner (I figured it would be - he broke some blood vessels when it happened) and evidently it freaked out the teacher who sent him to the nurse. The nurse sent a note home that says:

"Rt eye reddened inflammation in corner near nasal bridge. HAPPENED AT HOME. Vision OK, needs to go to doctor."

Uh, yeah, I know it happened at home, ,I know how it happened, I know it looks terrible, but his vision is unaffected (wasn't even close to the pupil) and it's really red, but only in that tiny corner. HE'S FINE. Hopefully a little wiser now, but fine. And what's up with the bold surprised print that it happened at home? These thigns happen. It's not like I strap my kids down with duct tape and then laugh maniacally while I press pointy objects in their faces. Sometimes I feel like duct taping them though... hahaha!


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