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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Are we ready to RRRRRRumble?

All packed. I am taking a lot more and yet somehow a lot less than I planned on taking with me. Kids are gettign their baths tonight cause I won't be here to do them tomorrow. I'm really nervous about the trip - not too sure why.

I found firstborn's Yu-Gi-Oh cards stashed away from when I last confiscated tehm from him. I had intended on throwing them away the last time but I guess I never got around to it. He had had a couple of good days so I let him have them back - on a trial basis. He cannot take them to school or anything and if he breaks the rules we will be having a Yu-Gi-Oh bonfire in the backyard. I've had it with him breaking the rules with those things. So - he's going to be tested.

Well, I trimmed down my bags and now I only have one giant suitcase and a laptop case and purse. And a book. And a jacket. Yeah, I know it's snowing up north, ,but all I ahve now for winter is a jacket so I will just have to deal with it. I'll be spending most of my time in a heated rental car, a hotel or in the various offices that I will be going to anyhow so I don't think it will be a big deal or anything.

I know why I'm nervous - this is new. I get this way for anythign new. Hate that....

Well, I have maps to the nearest library with net access and also to the nearest internet cafe so I should be able to post now and then. If all goes well, I will be able to hook the laptop up to the net - I'm bringign a network cable and dongle, they say they have data ports. The last trainer at this hotel said the access was wireless and not through a port so I hope the hotel website is correct and the last trainer is wrong.

We will see. Wish me luck. We have to leave the house early to get to the airport so won't likely be a post tomorrow.


Blogger Lssjes said...

The same thing happens to me. I get all anxious when i have to do something that i am not familiar with. It is awful.


11/28/2004 08:59:00 PM  
Blogger Lssjes said...

DUH... i forgot to write what i clicked on the link to write!

Have a great trip!!

Laura (again)

11/28/2004 08:59:00 PM  

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