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Saturday, November 13, 2004


We played a game of charades tonight. Nothing good was on TV, I was bored with my book and crafts and the kids were all wiggly/complainy/bored so we played charades. Some of the funniest things that pop out of my kids imaginations... sheesh. Case in point: Middle child drew her item from teh bucket and then suddenly acted like she was drawing a knife or gun and holding it out at arms length..... It took a while to figure out what she was doing and when we exhausted everything from Ninja to policeman to theif, she told us it was a hairdresser with a blowdryer. Too cute.

Not all the items were hard to guess though, Firstborn took his piece of paper and read it then immediately sat down in a chair with a vacant stare on his face and occasionally twitched his fingers on one hand. Everyone knew it was DH playing a video game. LOL

(Along those same lines, when middle child portrayed me, she frowned and wagged her finger at me then scowled and snapped her fingers and pointed. Sadly, it was an easy guess for everyone else...)

Firstborn said... "OOOH OOOOH I know what you are! A dork!"
Middle Child said... "No you guys! I'm a rowboat!" (her slip of paper said ROBOT)
Firstborn said... "I can't be that! I'm not a man!" (His slip of paper said President. Yes really. I'm telling you - you just can't make this stuff up. )


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