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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Firstborn's party was a success. He had lots of fun and after roughly 24 hours of playing the playstation no-holds-barred he finally put it away himself. DH and I are both in the throes of this flu that is going around and are in the "UGH I do't wad to boove or do anyding, I'b doh tired" stage of it - I am leaving for Chicago on Sunday and I sure hope I'm feeling better by then, it seems like we have been sick for the past month or so - haven't felt like geocaching or anything like we usually do in the fall.

Here is one of the many chores that I make my slave children do for me. I'm kidding. Really! Middle child is cooking dinner tonight for us because DH and I are both in the moany-groany stage of the flu/cold/virus/whatever. It's tomato soup with chopped up hotdogs. Not half bad. I am instructing her on how to cook it and I told her at the beginning that my throat was really sore so not to make us keep talking and after every instruction she says "what?" and "I didn't hear you" so I have to repeat myself and my throat keeps getting more sore and more sore. I think I'm going to have to take over cooking if she can't hear me just one more time and I think that might just be her point. this child doesn't do anything unless there is some benefit to herself in it.


Blogger Cate said...

OK, I give. What's geocaching?
Also, sorry you and hub are ailing. Try chicken noodle soup and Vicks Vaporub. Not together of course. My mom always rubbed the Vicks on our chests and covered it all with a warm flannel cloth tied around our necks (actually a pair of old pajama bottoms upside down with the legs tied behind the neck. . .waste not, want not was/is her motto)Hope you feel better soon. Cate

11/22/2004 09:40:00 AM  

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