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Monday, November 29, 2004

Greetings from Chicagoland!

I told you I would find net access somewhere - public libraries are a great blessing. I can't do photos (Sorry DH) but here I am, live, a little chilled but otherwise fine in Chicagoland! I can see my breath outside and it's supposed to snow all week, but so far not a flake.

The flight wasn't all that bad, lots of kids on both flights but that's because everyone is flying home from Thanksgiving. The second flight there was a little baby about 10 months old sitting next to me, she was so cute. Makes me miss that age, but then there was the whole diaper thing and bottle thing and general fussiness thing and I remembered why I never had another child. :) I met this woman at the Atlanta airport who was really pleasant but a little nuts. Well I dunno, depends on what you would call nuts. She was passing out little xeroxed notes about Jesus. Nice enough woman, but I don't know if I would have brought Jesus up in quite that way. I'll show you her note when I get a chance to get home and scan it.

The hotel room is nice, it's like a little apartment without a kitchen. I have an office area, a living room area, a bedroom area, the dressing area and then the bathroom. Yikes when I write it that way it sounds really spacious. Its not, It's not even all that clean. (there was a chunk of soap in the bottom of the tub and the dust! oh my. I'm not even going into the weirdness I found on the walls - blood? BBQ sauce?) Anyhow, it's good enough for this trip, but I know if I were paying for it I would get a different room. Yuck.

The rental car is this hot little number - it's red and sporty, It feels good just to drive it! Why do I fall in love with every rental car I drive? Must be because every one of them is nicer than my own. LOL.

My first appointment today is not until after lunch so I have some time to kill. I think I will go to the arboretum nearby. Should be lots of photos when I come back to my own computer - I got a really intresting shot of the moisture on my hotel window. It's really a cool looking photo. I wish I had a way of posting photos.... Oh well.

Things are well here - I am now off to check e-mail. I will post again. Take care you guys, DH I love you!


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