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Friday, November 26, 2004


Because I get lost so easily, I am bringing a laptop with me (mapping software! Yay!) and a whole slew of printed paper maps that I have pre-made with specific directions on how to get places in Chicago. One of my Monday appointments cancelled which leaves me with almost the entire Monday morning totally free. The hotel supposedly has a hot tub and sauna - I may go soak/steam myself all morning long. Either that or there is an arboretum just down the road a bit that I may go to. Admission to that is $5 but cause it's winter maybe they will have made it free. Dunno. Gotta investigate that.

I am really going to miss the kids. I hope that DH does not go insane for lack of human contact over the age of (gag) 30. (I hate being that old - I remember my own mom turning 30 and she seemed so OLD at the time!)

Can you tell that I am worried about this trip? It's the longest that I have been away from my family ever. At the same time I am really excited to be going back up north for a while. I heard the snow is melting so perhaps the roads won't be as awful by the time I get there as I pictured them to be.

Regarding this blog - updates may be sporadic, if at all. There is wireless access at the hotel but I will need a wireless card which I do not have. I am told I can rent one from the hotel for $10 per day but that's pretty expensive to rent one just for my surfing pleasure. (I don't need it for business so I can't justify that expense... sigh) I will be scoping out local libraries and internet cafe's to blog from, if I have time to do it before dark (I don't really want to drive in the snow in the dark) so perhaps I will post and perhaps it will have to wait until Saturday when I can corner my sister-in-law's machine. We will see.


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