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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Oh the inhumanity

Firstborn acted like I was the worst mother in the world this morning. Last night he pretended that his homework was completed until it was bedtime and then he tried weaseling out some extra time to do it. I am tired of that, and tired of telling him to get it done BEFORE bedtime so I wouldn't allow it. Not done? Oh well. He's got a teacher that will rub his face in the fact that it's not done (He really likes to please this teacher, I wonder if she will teach 6th grade next year?) so this is likely to be the only time I will have to do this. Anyhow, he grumbled and groaned about not having it done "you just want me to fail, ,don't you" and I just ignored it "nope kiddo, I don't, I do however want you to take responsibility for doing when you have time to do it". He's going to be 12 this month, it's about time he started dealing with time frames and responsibilities and all. I'm done talking to him till I'm blue in the face about it cause he doesn't listen so things are going to start changing.

Where was I? Oh yes, I am the worst mother in the world this morning. He got up early to do his homework (like 15 minutes early) and got some done but I made him put it down cause he had his morning chores to do. He knows he has to do his morning chores before leaving for school and if he does not do them there are consequences - such as having a massive amount of work after school to do. They aren't hard chores, just the normal brush your teeth, comb your hair, tidy up the bedroom (which is never done by the way) etc... So, he got them done and figured he had about 10 minutes to do more school work before I drove them to the bus stop. Nope, I made them walk to the bus stop. See, bus stops are designed to be not very far from home and it's easy to walk to. He can start walking to the bus stop in the morning. The teacher's scowling and grimacing at him should motivate him tomorrow to get his homework done (did I already mention that he REALLY likes to please this teacher?) but Oh the look he gave to me this morning. I am so the worst mother in the world. LOL.


Blogger ~Shibby~ said...

Thanks for the support on my blog. It was really hard for me to go w/ him to Prom under those circumstances. But I pride myself on being a strong person. You're not the first person to tell me how brave I was to still go with him, and I appreciate that. As for your son, he'll regret it when he ends up keeping up that habit when he gets into high school. I started to do that a long time ago and now I'm up at all hours of the night to get reports done. Then I get up at 6 (sometimes earlier), because I'm a freak about punctuality. So at most, I get 5 hours of sleep each night. Look forward to saying, "I told you so," when he's older! :)

5/05/2005 05:43:00 PM  

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