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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Saving my marriage

I can't stand the radio in my car. I mean the radio itself is fine, but it's supposed to play tapes too which it doesn't. It eats them. It doesn't have a clock which I find annoying, and the LCD display that tells you what station you are listening to has not worked in I don't know how long. DH says it just needs a new bulb but we can't open it up to replace said bulb. So, I have to tune the radio by sound alone and that takes just about FOR-EV-ER because do know how many country stations are located in the south? I only like one of them (cause I'm picky).

Well, what does any of these complaints have to do with saving my marriage? Well, everything actually. You see, right before I asked my husband to drive me 1500 miles away from our family so I could keep my awesome job, I asked him to take out the old radio and put the new radio into the car. The idea was to have a tape player in the car for playing kids music on the way to Florida. So, he did. My perfectly good radio with a working clock and LCD was removed, parts were bought to make the new radio fit, and the new radio was installed. It took almost a whole day for Dh to do. I was so happy! Then I found out that the LCD didn't work. And then I found out the tape player didn't work. In his defense, I kind of remember them not working in the last car I had the radio in. Kind of - But, because I wanted to remain married, I smiled and said "Thank you dear, I love it! That was really nice of you to install it for me!"

Now every morning, when I get into the car to drive to my fabulous job that we moved 1500 miles cross country to keep, I glance at the ...clock... and wish my tape player worked and I smile and say sarcastically to myself "Yes, please install the other radio, it's got a tape player on it!"


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