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Thursday, November 11, 2004


Youngest is really sick. She doesn't complain a bit - still runs around like she is feeling fine and only occasionally acts sick. I've been worried about her cause at night she gets really really hot and has a hard time sleeping... well today I got home from work and she was on fire. I gave her more motrin immediately. Dh took her to the clinic tonight and they could find nothing wrong - throat is a bit red but other than that she's healthy. She's got anti-biotics though and DH is out right now getting that script filled. Evidently she was at 103 when she saw the doc and that was after being on the motrin for 2 hours so my baby is really really sick. She's the most incredible sick child though - no complaints or anything, still hoipping around the house and dancing and perky (if slightly less so) as ever... I don't understand this child...


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