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Monday, November 29, 2004

Trees and mush

Yeah - that's about all I saw at the arboretum. I got soem really good photos though, they came out nice. And they have a great cafeteria there - I had a vegetable soup that was like a thick stew and it came in a bread bowl. So yummy.

This day has been so gloomy and ugly - it sorta snowed - kinda. It's the kind of rain I call mush - it's almost a flake but not quite. Supposedly we will have about 1-3 inches overnight but when the temp is not forecast to go below 38 degrees I don't know how.

The first setup went well, it only took me about 45 minutes to complete. The biggest problem now is that I cannot log into my webmail at work. I kind of need to because there's been a schedule adjustment and I need to notify others about it and I'd rather they didn't have my personal email address.

It's too yucky out to go anywhere or do anything. I'm bummed cause I'd like to go to Milennium park sometime. Maybe it will be nicer out tomorrow. HAH. It's the north and it's winter. No sun. Well, I can at least hope for no precipitation. LOL

DH tell middle child that there is still snow piles here and there outside and I did take a picture of the snow for her.


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